Studio Apartments Petra


To ensure that you have a pleasant stay and to eliminate the possibility of any misunderstanding, we ask of you to read the house rules. When confirming reservation, it is considered that you have read and accepted it, and that you will follow its rules completely. Breaking the rules can result in the cancellation of the reservation and charge of the full price.

  • If the guests cancel the reservation after paying the advance payment a month or less before arrival, the advance payment is not refunded. If the guests cancel the reservation a month or more before the reservation we keep 50% of the advance payment while the rest is refunded. The rule applies no matter the reason of cancellation.
  • Stay in the apartment starts from 14h on the first day of arrival and ends till 9h on the last day of stay. As you arrive, you are obligated to hand over your identification documents to the owner and pay the rest of the rent for the apartment. The last day of stay does not account in the total number of days spent in the apartment. You are obligated to leave the apartment you rented undamaged and clean as you found it on the day of arrival.
  • In case you decide to cancel your stay earlier, you are obligated to pay the full price of the reservation.
  • The owner is at your disposal throughout your whole stay for all information and help you need.
  • Thorough cleaning of the apartment is done by the owner on every guest shift. Bedclothes are changed on every guest shift and every 5 to 7 days of longer stays, while towels and rags are changed when needed.
  • The guest is obligated to keep the apartment clean during the stay. The owner is not obligated to clean the apartment during the guest’s stay nor take the garbage out of the apartment. We ask of you to regularly take out the garbage out of the apartment.
  • The owner has no rights to enter the apartment in the absence of the guest. The only exceptions are in case of prevention of damage or danger. The owner is obligated to inform the guest about entering the apartment. In case of reasonable suspicion of the owner that there has been damage done, the guests are obligated to allow the owner to enter the apartment to inspect the situation.
  • We ask of you to thoughtfully use the furniture and equipment in the interior and exterior of the house. It is not allowed to rearrange the furniture between apartments and take out the equipment to another apartment, out of the house or to the beach (kitchen chairs to the terrace, equipment for preparement and consumation of food to another apartment, towels and blankets from the apartment to the beach, etc.)
  • Usage of equipment and devices which are not included in the main package is allowed only with the consent of the owner.
  • It is necessary to turn off the lights, electric appliances and close all taps when leaving the apartment. It is considered that the guest will use the air conditioner only while being present in the apartment with all windows and doors closed. Leaving the air conditioner on while the guest is out of the apartment is not allowed. It is not allowed to cool food and drinks with tap water. Also, it is not allowed to throw trash into the toilet, sinks or any other innappropriate places (backyard or near the house).
  • It is strongly forbidden to bring people who are not guests of the apartment without the owner’s consent. In case of finding people who were not registered or announced, the owner and the agency have the full right to cancel the reservations. Other guests in the house or guests from other houses have no right of stay in the apartment without the owner’s consent.
  • The owner is not responsible for the guests properties, but shall do everything in their capability to protect it and inform the guest of possible dangers.
  • Bringing house pets is not allowed and the owner has full rights to cancel the reservation otherwies.
  • Smoking in the apartment is allowed. We ask smokers not to throw cigarette butts around the apartment, in the backyard or outside of it to prevent fire and for their own safety. Guests are advised rather not to smoke in the apartment, but to smoke on the terrace of the apartment and common outdoors.
  • Guests who intentionally damage the property will have to compensate the full price of the damage done. On the day of leaving, the guest is obligated to personally invite the owner to inspect all the spaces and house appliances to prove there has been no damage done. Only then the guest has the right to leave the apartment. All unreported damage done will be prosecuted by legal ways.
  • From 23:00 until 7:00 is the period of night rest. It is not allowed to make noise or disturb other guests in the house. We ask you to look after the behaviour of your children, especially with CLOSING DOORS.
  • It is forbidden to bring weapons, illegal substances or any other kind of dangerous items to the apartment.
We wish you a pleasant and comfortable stay in our apartments!
Dalija and Ante Fuzul